Freelancer Health Insurance Options

Although being a freelancer offers a variety of flexibility in any field of work with certain privileges such as location-independence, easily and effectively manageable work-life relationships, people are mainly concerned with the negative sides of not working under a company and health insurance for freelancers are one of the major concerns.

Managing all the aspects of the work is one thing, but freelancers are quite worried in terms of health insurance as it not provided due to being a self-employed worker. So, in case of sickness, there will be no income or coverage to provide you for your necessary needs, and you may have to face high hospital bills and medicine costs. However, this doesn’t have to be a reason to be afraid of freelance working. There are many options or plans for any freelancer.

Check your status before worrying about health insurance


Broadly speaking, until a certain age, your family’s health coverage will include yourself as well. So it will cover all of your expenses up to a point. So you should check your family’s health insurance in regards to your countries specific laws about the issue. Secondly, your spouse’s health coverage, if she/he has, will cover your expenses as well. If they have coverage through their company, you can hop on board. Thus, before any real concern, you probably want to double-check your current situation within your family and your country.

How much does it cost to have health insurance as a freelancer?

There are multiple variations and variables in terms of the price of health insurance. The offers may vary from company to company, plan to plan as well. According to the latest researches, the average cost of the lowest offer is around $320 and low to mid-tier plans are around $480 approximately. Another option is the health insurance marketplace in the US which is an organization that offers health coverages in each state. It might be the best place for you as a starter. As you develop, you will come across the optimal proposition for you in the heating markets in health insurance.

Health insurance for freelancers in the US

Due to the rise of freelancers in the world, many people are struggling to find affordable and reliable health coverage, especially in the US. But don’t despair, there are multiple options in the marketplace if you did a little bit of research about them. One of them is the Affordable care act which provides health insurance to both self-employed workers and small businesses. Though you can enroll for ACA offers with a limited time frame, November to mid-December, so you better do your research beforehand. If you missed that chance, you can still pay a visit to the marketplace check special enrollment period.

Unlike the US, any European citizen has the advantages of universal health insurance which provides them with the necessary coverage. Additionally, your country may have special insurance policies for you as well as your family and spouse. Don’t let health insurance become a discourage to be a freelancer. Take the leap and follow your dreams.